Charles Baxter Bailey

Charles Baxter Bailey

May 05, 1927 - September 27, 2014

Charles Baxter Bailey

May 05, 1927 - September 27, 2014


Charles Baxter Bailey lives in , passed away at the age of 87.
Born on May 05, 1927 and passed away on September 27, 2014.

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8 responses to Charles Baxter Bailey

  1. Each time Baxter and I would have an encounter it began the same. He would tell me about the first time he saw me. I was 6 months old. He had just been discharged from the Navy and he hitch hiked across the states to Price, Utah to see me. My response was always the same. “I remember it like it was yesterday!”. We would have a laugh and a hug and I always felt his love.

    He was an Uncle to Ralph, my Dad, but so close in age, they were more like brothers. Baxter and Pauline, Ralph and Shirley maintained close family ties and friendship in spite of the miles between them. They took trips together and met in between one another’s homes, stayed at each others homes and lived large every day of their lives. Baxter and Ralph were each possessed over the top personalities, bigger than life, always a wager going and adventure at each turn.

    There is no doubt, Baxter left his foot prints in many hearts. Red, each of our sons, Ryan, Mark, Sam & Mac, were fortunate enough to have gotten to know Baxter and to have been involved in some of the family get togethers. They have always spoken highly of him and have some great memories of those good times.

    There is no doubt that Baxter loved family, and people in general, and would always shoot straight. You could count on those constants. His values were set and he didn’t waver.

    Thinking now of that handsome, blue eyed, Great Uncle with a singing voice that could charm the birds from the trees, I smile to picture all those gone before that were there to greet him when he quietly slipped the surly bonds of earth. He left the world a better place.

    With deep love and respect,
    Candace Stewart
    and family

  2. Baxter was first and foremost a great guy with unmatched integrity and character. He was unique in countless ways and I was fortunate to know him as a friend and business partner for nearly 40 years.
    I am grateful to Baxter who was a mentor to me in the realm of our business affairs. His keen business sense and uncompromising optimism was only exceeded by his great sense of humor. He applied all of those stellar traits whether it was facing down a banker or the inevitability of Parkinson’s disease.
    So many stories to reflect on, but I can’t help recalling the evening when our condominium project was rejected by the Inglewood City Council. We got drunk. Baxter claimed that he had the best wife in the world and that she would wake up and cook for us. When we arrived,drunk at his front door, Pauline refused to unlock it and told us to go away. In retrospect, I can’t blame her, but I suspect that she will be welcoming him home now.
    Baxter leaves me with a void that won’t be filled until the time when I can join him again in a game of Liar’s Poker or Gin, while listening to his jokes and those country music tunes that he crooned so well. What an awesome guy!
    Frank von Coelln and family

  3. Verd Bailey says:

    Uncle Baxter was a great guy. We will miss him.
    We always had a banter going on between us and
    even we I saw him at the family reunion in August of this year
    he was still throwing the barbs. His honesty and integrity made him
    a man among men and a role model for all. We were blessed to have him in our lives
    and in our family

    Verd Bailey and family

  4. My Uncle Baxter was such a great man. So handsome with that dark hair and blue eyes, always keeping so physically fit. We admired him so much. He was so honest, full of integrity and wisdom.
    We were so lucky to live next door to Bam, Grampa Baily and my Aunts and good looking Uncles. Like Ray said, “All of the Baileys were wonderful people”.
    We so enjoyed Baxter’s last visit to Moab when Dirk, Bob and Greg brought him out.
    He still had his sense of humor, wit and when he laughed it was music to my ears.
    He and Pauline raised a wonderful family and all of your involvement in his life proves how much you loved this great and honorable man.
    When I lost Betty a year ago, everyone told me about the welcoming committee on the other side that were so happy, I was mad because they didn’t invite me. So I know that it is intensely painful for those left behind, but I really think that the Angels sang when they welcomed him Home. We will miss this wonderful man who touched so many lives.
    Ray and Carolyn Tibbetts

  5. Ryan Stewart says:

    My Great, Great Uncle Baxter was truly one of the GREAT men of our time. We will miss him very much.

    When Baxter and our Granddad Ralph Miller got together there was no stopping them. They could walk into one of the biggest Las Vegas casinos and have the attention of the house in a good way and that is not an easy thing to do! Their personalities were larger than life. I remember when Baxter would go deer hunting with us and my brother Mark and I would stay up all night listening to all of the great stories they would tell while we hid in our sleeping bags pretending to be asleep! We probably heard a few things we shouldn’t have at that age!

    Baxter always made you feel like you were the most important person on earth. A true sign of his greatness. I will never forget the way that Baxter treated me when a real estate project we were partners in ran into trouble. We were acting as the developer for the project and when the economy hit the wall I was forced to share the bad news with Baxter that the project was going to fail. Instead of being upset and angry with me, he shared one of his stories from past hard times with me to show me he understood. As he was finishing the story he told me that he knew just how I feel. He said “I bet you sleep like a baby at night just like I did. You sleep for an hour then you wake up and cry for an hour, then you sleep for an hour and then you wake up again a cry for an hour!” He could not have said it better. We laughed and he told me that he knew that we did the best we could. He told me to keep my head up and that all we could do now was put it behind us and move forward with life. That was the kind of man that our great, great uncle Baxter was. A true giant among men. We will all miss him more than we can say. I hope that all of us that still remain will find comfort in the warm memories that will live in our hearts forever.

    All of our love to the family,

    Ryan and the entire Stewart family

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