Carolyn Jean Haynes

Carolyn Jean Haynes

November 01, 1932 - September 29, 2013

Carolyn Jean Haynes

November 01, 1932 - September 29, 2013


Carolyn Jean Haynes
11/1/32 to 9/29/13

Wife, Mother, Grandmother & Great-grandmother

Carolyn is survived by her beloved husband, Alex Haynes Sr. & her three children and their spouses: Alexis & Scott Carter, Denise & Mark Espoy & Caroline & Alex Haynes Jr.; her grandchildren: Ryan Espoy, Jessica Jenkins, Jacqueline Espoy, Garrett Carter, Christine Haynes, Alex C. Haynes & David Haynes; three great grandchildren: Mikaela Carter, Aryana Uffelmann & Leo Oliver Jenkins. She also leaves her brother, Leo Bass and sister Barbara Gee.

She is preceded in death by her parents: Charles Addison Bass & Lonnie Belle Bass; brothers and sisters: Dorothy Mills, Levenia Beaulieu, Elrey Bass & Durham Bass.

Caroline was born in Fairmont N.C. where she grew up on a farm with her brothers & sisters. She loved to sing hymns with her mother and sisters and learned to play the piano from those wonderful times. She was also a tomboy playing and working along side her brothers on the farm. She was also beautiful and athletic. She was voted queen of her High School & captain of her basketball team.

She married her husband Alex August 13th 1950. Their family began with the birth of Alexis in 1953, her sister Denise arrived in 1955 both in Columbia South Carolina. They moved to California in 1957 and settled in Orange County. Their son Alex Jr. was born in 1964. They later moved to San Clemente where they began a business together, Dewey’s TV & Home Appliances. Together they built a business and raised a family. San Clemente and its warm sunshine was her home for the remainder of her days.

Her life began with her husband Alex. He was hooked by her beautiful eyes, lovely smile and gorgeous figure to boot. However it was loving personality that sealed the deal. From humble beginning they shared a deep love for one another. They could be found dancing together though every decade; they were wonderful at it. They traveled the world together, visiting China, Japan, South American Europe, Alaska, Hawaii & all over the US. They enjoyed many road trips together. They celebrated 63 years together August 13 of this year. Their love for one another is remarkable.

Carolyn loved life! She loved people, she never met a stranger. Her friends are far and wide stretching from Japan, across Europe and across the county. Carolyn loved sports! She played basketball in High School and later enjoyed: waterskiing, snow skiing, fishing, body surfing, dirt bike riding and of course, sun bathing. She was truly an avid outdoors girl! She loved her Lakers, Angels & her football. She loved them but let them know when they were not living up to expectations. The only thing she liked more than watching the college and pro sports teams were watching her children and grand children play!

They were her passion in life. She loved to enjoy their games, their award ceremonies, dances, and any other special occasions. It can be said she just about never missed an event that numbered easily over a thousand. She loved the holidays; she sparkled. All the kids could not wait to get to Nana’s house. All the holidays were special but Christmas was her shining moment. She made her home a magical place for all her family to enjoy.

Carolyn was the best mother anyone could ever ask for. She was so proud of her children and loved them so deeply. She made each one feel special. She taught us all it is better to give than to receive, to honor and love the Lord in all things, and caring is what is most important.

She has gone on to Glory. She cannot ever be replaced but leaves her family with memories and love to last a lifetime.

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21 responses to Carolyn Jean Haynes

  1. Tom Eyrich says:

    Coming to terms with the lose of a loved one is one of the greatest challenges in our journey through life. I only wish I had the words to ease the ache and emptiness you must feel in your heart. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and that Carolyn is in our hearts. To live in hearts left behind is to never die.

    Tom & Cindi Eyrich

  2. Dear Uncle Ish, Peetsie, Denise, Alex Jr. & Family,

    My love, my prayers and thoughts are with you today. I know there are no words to ease your pain but I hope there’s comfort in knowing that so many people love you and Aunt Carolyn. We will miss her dearly!

    Growing up, it was always a special treat for Uncle Ish and Aunt Carolyn to visit during the summer. Aunt Carolyn was full of energy and excitement. I loved to hear her talk about California and her travels – even if I did make you the worst cup of coffee you ever had Uncle Ish!

    Aunt Carolyn was always so open and honest. I remember one time I told her that I loved the way she was wearing her hair up with the cute little curls on the back. She just took off the curly hair piece, handed it to me and said you can try it on! She was always full of surprises!

    Aunt Carolyn loved, truly loved her family. She was full of sweet and endearing stories about ya’ll and especially about the grand-children. The last time I talked to her, she was telling me about the great grand-children. She was so proud of all of you!

    She loved us too. During her visits, she always caught up with all of the nieces and nephews and our family news. She made each of us feel special. We’re gonna miss her!

    We love you and we will truly miss you Aunt Carolyn!

    Love always,

    Sheila and family

  3. I’m going to miss Aunt Carolyn. She was always cheerful and upbeat. I remember a story she told me about her honeymoon. Her and Uncle Ish were married in South Carolina and spent their honeymoon night at Uncle Ish’s sister’s home, Aunt Ellene.

    Aunt Carolyn said the bed would squeak every time you moved and the new blushing bride dared Uncle Ish to leave his side of the bed. We both laughed! I will miss her youthful giggle.

    One of my interests is sports and we would talk NBA basketball. She was a huge LA Lakers fan. She enjoyed traveling and would share her adventures with me. She loved her kids and was crazy about her grandkids. Not only did she love her grandchildren, she was very involved in their lives. From t-ball to baseball to hockey to graduations to weddings to their careers, she was there and was very proud of their accomplishments.

    She lived a colorful life and will be missed by so many.
    My heart goes out to Uncle Ish, Peetsie, Denise, Alex Jr. and family.

    Love Mike

  4. Nana
    Not enough good things could be said about Grandma Carolyn. She was caring, strong, and positively affected everyone that she knew. Whenever she entered a room she emitted a youthful, radiant glow that put a smile on everyone’s face. I bet each and every person in this room would agree with me about that.
    There are so many great memories that my family and I share with Nana. Being one of her grandchildren was very special. I vividly remember Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa’s house. Every year we would go over to their house and she would be there waiting with a smile on her face. Everything was done to the nines; she would cook a huge dinner, help decorate the tree, and most of all: she would have a gift for each and every person that arrived. Under the carefully decorated tree would be presents, well, under and all around it because there were so many.
    Giving is the thing that made her happy. She gave me more than I could ever ask for, including life lessons. She taught me how to give, not to take anything for granted, how to cook, and how to be strong. Strength was something she showed throughout her lifetime; whether it was growing up on a farm in rural North Carolina during the Great Depression or battling cancer at the age of 81. This inspires me.
    Love You Nana,
    David & Alex C. Haynes

  5. My adaptation of a poem from an anonymous poet that represents my mom:

    There’s magic in my Mother’s touch,
    and sunshine in her smile.
    There’s love in everything she does
    to make my life worthwhile.
    I can find both hope and courage
    Just by looking in her eyes.
    Her laughter is a source of joy,
    her works are warm and wise.
    There is a kindness and compassion
    to be found in her embrace,
    and I see the light of heaven
    shining from my Mother’s face.

    What my Mom means to me by Alex:

    My mom is: waffles on a Saturday morning. Playing horse in the front yard before dinner, pig if she was in a hurry. A cheer from the grandstands that was unmistakable and just for me. A gentle rub of my back before bed. Bragging to her friends and perfect strangers about just about anything I did. Singing me happy birthday early before anyone is up. Holding me tight when I am hurting or afraid. Reading me stories and singing with me at the piano. Kneeling with me to say my prayers. Cooking for me meals fit for a king when she could not even taste the food she prepared. Ending every phone call of text with I love you. Sending me my birthday cards in the mail even when I lived at home. Being there for me and my family no matter what the hour. A smile waiting at the camp site with a big breakfast after an early morning ski run at the river. Making Christmas as grand as it can be but never letting me forget what it is really about. Supporting me and giving me wisdom in my life’s journey. Never getting tired of rocking my children to sleep. Loving my wife like her own daughter. My mom is courage, grace, beauty & joy personified.

    Mom taught me that joy comes from giving. That no task is to heavy if you love someone. Caring is what is most important. Nothing gets done with out sacrifice and hard work. Make sure to save what I make. An education is a essential. To face adversity head on. God and your family is what matters most. If I can be half the man my mom thought I was I would surely be a very good man. I promise you mom, I will work the rest of my days to that end. I will see her in Glory. Thank You Mom,,with Love, Your Son, Alex Jr.

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