Anastacio J. Solorio

Anastacio J. Solorio

May 14, 1953 - July 19, 2009

Anastacio J. Solorio

May 14, 1953 - July 19, 2009


Anastacio J. Solorio lives in , passed away at the age of 56.
Born on May 14, 1953 and passed away on July 19, 2009.

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20 responses to Anastacio J. Solorio

  1. Dear Chef Tony,

    I’m writing you this letter because I have recently found out that you are gone. What to do, what to say. You have left us. WOW. I don’t believe that you are gone. I expect to see you tomorrow. I know it’s not going to happen.

    You were the 1st to interview me at Barona. You always made me smile. *ALWAYS* When I got promoted you were the proud papa and said that it was because you hired me :”you remember I hired you here” :

    Tony, you gave me a wonderful 5+ years : we will have our inside jokes : I don’t believe that your gone… I’ll miss me picking on you because I’m taller than you :

    Going to miss you Tony…

    I’m going to miss you Chef Tony…you had such an impact in soooo many lives *:* you may be gone but not forgotten my friend :

    Miss Polvo…. you gave me the nickname Tony :

  2. Dad,

    I still can’t believe you are really gone. It just doesn’t sink in and I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. The last time we talked we were planning to go to Mexico this week to be exact. You wanted me to buy tickets for my kids and me so yours can be cheaper hahaha you always found a way to be funny. I always remember all those funny jokes you would tell me, sometimes I had to tell you “Dad you already told me that one”! I tell people your jokes and they laugh and I’m glad to say MY DAD told me these jokes. I always BRAG about how my DAD is a Chef and how passionate you were about your job and how you loved to work, but then it would backfire because they would say “So why don’t you cook like your dad”? hahaha I love how you had nicknames for everyone; mine was RANA because of my big eyes like yours. You would always make fun of me because I walked crocked and you would tell me DON’T smile because you look like your mom! Hahaha funny guy always making us laugh and I would make fun of your little laugh. I will never forget all the memories you gave me as a child taking me everywhere and getting to know the world, teaching me how to write a check, checking the oil on the Nissan, being always on time, telling me when you go have dinner with someone don’t always eat ALL your food, and if your still thirsty ask for water, and most importantly showing me how to be responsible. I remember you taking me to your jobs: Velvet Turtle, Black Angus, and Mrs. Knott’s Berry Farm letting me sit in your office and play on your calculator while you would bring me whatever I wanted to eat. Can’t forget the cheesecake you would make at home the Oreo one that was sooooooooo good. Monday’s where always great in Elementary you would have me stay home with you so we can go and spend the day together that was AWSOME. One memory I know you LOVED was for your 55th B-day we had a surprise B-day Party for you and it was a shocker when you saw the Marachi walking in Singing to you Las Mananitas. I know you had a great time that day and we have the pictures to prove it. Dad, the memories can go on and on and on because I have sooooo many but I know that you are now at a better place and are resting peacefully without any more pain. As much as I don’t want to accept it I have to and understand that GOD took you for his reasons. Thank you Dad for being there for me and loving me how you did. You are and will always be the best Father a girl can ever have. You are always in my thoughts.

    I LOVE YOU so much and will miss you always.

    This is not a good bye but a see you later,.

  3. Yvette says:

    “Puta Madre” is what he would tell me when he would see me…. I will miss those words from you Amor de mis Amores. For the people that dont know me. I am Maria’s good close friend, and of course i met her dad thru her, He would always tell me to marry him, and he would make me the happiest women ever, and how I would wake up to my breakfast in the bed and I would never have to work EVER AGAIN. I was like wow Okay lets go, but of course it was just a tease.As a matter of fact he asked me to go back home with him the Day of His b-day. How can we forget.I remember that day. He was so happy and Soooo suprised for all the da family to be there and especially when the mariachi showed up and was singing to him LAS MANANITAS. We had a great time. You are truly gonna be missed and I know from Heaven you are gonna be watching out for the people you love….
    It was nice meeting you and I will not say good bye but till later, cause we will meet up sooner or later and we will be a happily married couple….

    Love always your GUERITA nickname u gave me, Yvette C.

  4. I have alot of vivid memories of how Don Tachito was…you are right Maria he was a Lady’s Man. I remember he wanted to marry me too!! Then he met my Tias and he wanted to marry them too. He was a very happy person full of energy and I loved his cooking. Too bad I didnt get to see him recently its been a few years but I will never forget him. And to Martha, Maria and the other siblings he left behind, always treasure his memories and remember him as he was, pass that on to your kids so that hes memory will always stay alive in their hearts. Stay strong and May God Bless you Always…

  5. Dad,

    Tomorrow will be 2 years that you have left us..Wow how time flies. If only there was one last time I can just see you and tell you everything I wanted to tell you. I know that is impossible the only time I see you are in my dreams and that is a lot which I”¢Ã€?m very happy for! A lot has happened since you left..I got married to a wonderful man that LOVES me and Respects. He is so good to me dad. I wish you would have met him. He calls me Marikita like you would and it makes me smile. I had a little girl and named her after me Esmeralda the name you picked out. She looks like me and every time I see her I see YOU. I wish you were here to meet her because I know you would have loved her as much as you loved me. The boys miss you a lot and you are always talked about I see your pictures everyday when I wake up and I smile and know you are watching over us. We miss you and Love you. You”¢Ã€?re always in my thoughts and everywhere I go. I Love You so much and I know I will see you soon!

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