Amy Michelle Webster

Amy Michelle Webster

September 24, 1988 - February 07, 2005

Amy Michelle Webster

September 24, 1988 - February 07, 2005


Amy is survived by her beloved parents Jeffrey Webster and Kelly Perkins; Loving sisters Sandy and Chelse Perkins; brothers Jeffrey and Cole Webster.
She is also survived by her loving Grandparents Darlene and Jerry Clifford; Bill and Jill Webster; Mary Louise Messersmith.

A visitation will be held on Thursday, February 10, 2005 – 4-6:00PM at Saddleback Church Tent #2 in Lake Forest.
A Funeral service will be held on Friday February 11, 2005 – 10:00AM at Saddleback Church.
Interment will be held at El Toro Memorial Park in Lake Forest.

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17 responses to Amy Michelle Webster

  1. I know this is a bit late, but i just found this website<3

    My condolences are with my best friend, amy's family. I love you Kelly, Chelsea, Sandy, Jeff, Jeff, Cole, and my dear Lucas. We'll get through this loss. I care for you all. Amy is our guardian angel that shines from above. She has had a huge effect on my life since her and i met in fourth grade class. And today, she has grown into my best of and my sister. She will always a chunk of my heart.

    I never got to write one of my memories to share on one of those pink papers, but if you read this. I remember all the dress ups in her trunk of clothes with her aunt's fun dresses, her eating ketchup with everything, girl scouts, camping, in fourth grade the feed the homeless drive, the girls' birthday parties, shopping for christmas presents, sleep overs, the race for the cure, hanging out amanda and brittney, sweet 16. Times when one night we'd sleep at her house, the other at mine, and just switching back and forth for days. I specifically remember for one of amy's birthdays, we all got dressed up from those clothes out of the trunk, and we went had a left of pizza or some type of food. We decided to take it and bring it to one of the homeless guys that was by the freeway. So Kelly drove us and we all got out the car and people in the cars driving by were staring and honking. we felt all hot. haha. and as i recall the guy i don't think was there. so we all were just laughing and ended up just going back to the house. Amy loved attention, and that's what she always got. She is a beautiful girl that has effected all those she's touched. I LOVE HER. We all do.

  2. We will always remain your loving family… I miss you.

  3. This is to Kelly, a dear mother of the most amazing outspoken girl I’ll ever know..

    Amy was always caring for others. She cared so much and she was amazing. I don’t even know how to explain everything, but I’ll try. We grew apart when she moved, but I really do love Amy and the fact that she was just… Amy. We talked at Concordia a little while ago, I have cried and I have felt terrible, but I have never felt such heartache that I feel now. I saw her on Halloween years ago in middle school and everyone had left her alone, she came to my house, you dropped her off. She just had had the worst night maybe, but she came to my house. I had just sooooo much fun with her that night even though we just sat there. Yet, just the fact that she was there and making me laugh histerically. I distinctively remember just wanting to hug her and to say, “Amy, you are absolutely amazing. You keep your head up and you keep mine up. You are just soo astounding.” Now, it’s so unbareably difficult interpret my thoughts. I find myself now telling her, she could just be so happy to be herself. Right now I am sitting here holding Michelle’s hand and again I say I don’t know how to explain myself, even with Michelle’s strength to help my write this. I don’t know what to say to you because it’s not going to change anything, but I want to let you know that you mothered one of the best happened to this life. I leave the light on every night because she is always welcome to my heart and I live here for Amy. AMY…I could write a novel, but its not enough so I’ll just say that, that love is the strongest passion I know and that’s the most I can give and I pray for you, I have the greatest hope and faith that you and every person that amy truly cared for will be strongly affected and also see the pain through.

  4. To my dearest angel Amy,

    You’re absence from our lives has been felt deeply in the family and your presence and influence on Chelsea and Sandy will be forever be imbeded in their memories. Your Mom misses you dearly and still doesn’t understand how you could be left uncared for…
    I thought about the last words I spoke to you out at Grandma and Grandpa’s ” That we miss you…” We always will. Regardless of how the rest of the “other” side of the family feels about your Mom & I, and the antics of your “dad”, I know that you will always be a in the hearts and minds of all of us who were the primary influence for you during the years that you grew in confidence and respect for others. You’ll always be in our Hearts and Prayers. May God allow you to rest in peace.

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