Happy New Year: The Importance of Preparation

As we all prepare for a New Year, I’m reminded of the importance of preparation. I’d venture to say that all of us, in one way or another, are prepared for some things and not prepared for other things. For me, I like to be prepared when I go on vacation. You may love to be prepared when company comes over or preparing for a special date. When we’re prepared, we position ourselves to handle the inevitable challenges that come in life.

Throughout my life I have been serving others in many different areas. From my days in restaurants to when I served in the Navy to volunteering with various charities and as a funeral professional, the one consistent theme in all of these areas of service has been this idea of preparation.

Preparation is the key to any successful event or ceremony. Just think about the last time you went to a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other important even that was not planned well. What was that like? At O’Connor Mortuary, preparation is critical to our success in serving you. We believe that the more we can help you prepare for the inevitable in life, the less your family is going to have to work out of crisis-mode.

That is why I’m so excited to begin blogging in 2012 as a way to share helpful information that will assist you in preparing and planning for your family’s unique needs. Specifically, myself, the O’Connor Mortuary staff and our team of guest bloggers from the community are going to write about three key subjects:

  • Life’s Ceremonies & Rituals
  • Preparation in Life
  • Service to Self & Others

We are going to offer a well-balanced approach of topics related to life and death. Within these key topics, the importance of preparation will be an on-going theme because the better prepared we are for any situation, the better equipped we will be to handle it.

So as I close, I have a few final questions for you, “Name a time in your life when preparation paid off? Describe an event or gathering you went to that was poorly planned? What are you preparing for in 2012?”

I’d love your thoughts and comments.

Molly Keating
Molly Keating
Hello! I'm Molly and I run & manage the Blog here at O'Connor. I grew up in a mortuary with a mortician for a father who's deep respect for the profession inspired me to give working at a mortuary a try. Work at O'Connor has brought together two of my deep passions, writing & grief awareness. In 2016 I earned Certification in the field of Thanatology, the study of Death, Dying and Bereavement. I am honored to be able to speak on these taboo topics with knowledge, compassion, and a unique perspective. I want to sincerely thank you for following & reading the blog, I hope that this is a healing place for you.


  1. Neil says:

    Hi Page –

    Thank for your reply!

    I agree everyday we need to be thankful for what we have and try and not worry about what we don’t have.
    Many blessing to you!


  2. Many in this country, when presented with the option of volunteering to teach, would gladly give of their time to do so.

  3. Neil,

    Nice job on your first official blog. Look forward to reading future blogs and the great topics you will be tackling. Like the boy scout motto says “Be Prepared” See you next year in 2012.

    • neil.oconnor says:

      Chuck – Happy New Year to you and your family! May this year bring you many great memories and blessings.
      I am counting on you to be our “Scout Leader” in be prepared for 2012, are you ready?

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